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Tue 18 January 2022
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Surrey NhW has a set of plans in place to improve the role of a Neighbourhood Watch in Surrey. These include:

  1. a big push to increase membership by starting up more social media networks in communities right across the County – we’re calling them ‘virtual watches’. Introducing a Surrey Facebook page (Surrey NhW) and using social media to help publicise what we’re about
  2. Finding new ways to work closer with the police, given their organisational changes which were essential to meet the very different challenges of today’s crimes and financial pressures.  A priority is achieving consistency of communication and weekly crime messages sent out to everyone.
  3. Providing fuller cooperation with police on their campaigns and utilising the local presence of NHW to help police search for vulnerable missing persons.
  4. Looking to build joint activities with third parties such as CrimeStoppers, Mediation Services and Victim Support. The new role of Partnership Officer will coordinate a new team at the Surrey level.
We need more residents to sign up and work with us so if you want to get involved just click on the "Join us" link on the front page of the website, or if you want to know more look though the other links from the front page.