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Tue 18 January 2022
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About Us

The fundamental aim of NHW when it started over 30 years ago was to help reduce growing crime levels. Today it has a far broader ambition to build safer, stronger and more resilient communities. Here in Surrey we have the Surrey NHW Association (SNWA) providing an overarching support role to 11-borough based NHW organisations, and together these voluntary groups deliver NHW to residents. This is supported by Police Chief Superintendent Ali Barlow of Surrey Police, Crime Commissioner, David Munro and the national NHW movement, Neighbourhood Watch Network.
Ambitious plans are now being progressed to refresh the way NHW reaches communities, connects with the police and contributes greater value to all. We are combining the advantages of existing communication networks and working practices with new ideas and ways of working that will make our purpose more visible and attract and retain more members. To find out just what we’re doing in Surrey scroll down to the GOVERNANCE & INITIATIVES below

What Being In a Watch Means

Are you a coordinator for a Watch or are you interested in setting up your own Watch? If so, simply enter your postcode in to the postcode search box above to find existing Watches around you.

By entering your postcode in the box at the top of this page you have the option to apply to join a Watch or send the local contact a message.

Join The UK's Largest Voluntary Movement

Do you want to be a part of the UK's largest voluntary movement? Or just to receive key community safety messages through Neighbourhood Watch? Well you can. Simply click the 'Join Us' button below and follow the quick, simple sign up steps.

When registering, you have the option to join a scheme in your area or map your own scheme if you cannot see it on the list of available schemes. If you have any issues signing up, please contact support.

If you are already registered, click here to sign in and add a scheme.


Click the 'Read More' link below to view a map of boroughs within Surrey and links to their websites. 
If you want to check if there is a social-media-based Watch near you, go direct to <<Here>> .

Surrey Initiatives and Governance

Links, Downloads & Collateral

Surrey Contacts

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Martin Stilwell

Surrey NW Chairman and Registrations

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Mike Fox


NHWN Partners

Co-op Insurance is working with Neighbourhood Watch to help make communities safer.

They're supporting work around neighbourliness as well as helping raise awareness of what communities and individuals can do to keep themselves and what matters to them, safe.

In an increasingly threatening world, security is becoming more complex. One device canít make a home safe Ė it takes the right combination of hardware and smart technology.

Through knowledge built over 175 years and cutting edge product innovation, ERA has the range and expertise to bring total security to any living space.

Patlock has been designed to deter and stop potential home intruders.

As a proud partner, Patlock Security is working together with Neighbourhood Watch to help prevent crime, protect the vulnerable and create safer communities.

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